To maximize your Drops from Boss Monsters, we made a brand new Drop Attribute System which works hand in hand with our customized Drop Rate.
Increase Drop is not the same as Luckybox/Giftbox like you know it from other Servers or the official Flyff.
The old Luckybox attribute, would just increase the item count that drops, for example instead of getting 2 different Weapons you would get 2 of the same kind.
Or Increase Drop attribute, works totally different. Instead of giving you more Items of the same kind, it will just loop the whole Item Drops of the Monster which has been killed.
In other words, very "Increase Drop+1" is an equivalent to killing the Monster again. For example Drop+5 is like killing the Monster 5 Times!

So to get decent Drops you should always be in the range of +/- 3 levels to the Killed Monster, once you go to high above the monsters level, your drop rate will decrease!
For a good Drop you should have at least Drop+3 (+5 is recommended).

Here is a list of the Items and Skills which can be obtained InGame that Increases Drop:

- Drop Cloak (Increase Drop+1)
- Scroll of Acquisition Low (Increase Drop+1)
- Scroll of Acquisition High (Increase Drop+2)
- RM Master Skill Blessing of the Wise Man (Increase Drop+1)
- GM Event Cloak (Increase Drop+1)
- Cloak of FAME (Increase Drop+2)
- Prestige Ruby Jewelry Set (Increase Drop+1)
- Scroll of Fortune (Increase Drop+1)
- Scroll of Ultimate Fortune (Increase Drop+2)
- EXP&Drop Guild Buff (Increase Drop+1)
- Couple Level 21 (Increase Drop+1)
- VIP Membership (Increase Drop+1)
- Party Skill Giftbox (Increase Drop+1)