We have a customized Guild Buff System on Fame War.
You do not need a certain Level or Member amount to use the Guild Buffs.
The Guild Buffs cost a few Penya and will be activated to all Guild Members, the Guild Leader can Activate the Buffs.
The Buff duration is Permanent.
To get another Guild Buff, simply choose another Buff and activate it.
The Penya will be taken from the Guild Bank.

To Activate the Buffs open the Guild Window [G] and then select Skills in the bottom right corner.


Then Select your Buff and the then Select the of the Buff and apply it with the OK button. (not every Buff has different Levels)


To check Bonus of each Guild Buff, simply use our Item Wiki ingame (Start -> More-----> Item Wiki) and type the Name of the Buff in the Search Box.