On Fame War we have something brand new, its called the Item Rank.
If you are tired of having the same weapon as everybody else, than this is the right system for you!
The Item Rank makes every weapon totally unique!
When you drop a Weapon you can get an item Rank Randomly from 10 ~ 100.
The Higher the Item Rank is, the better your Weapon Effects will be.
The Weapon Effects will never chance, just the amount of each effect will increase/decrease by the Item Rank.

Here is an Example:
The Item Rank is shown in an Orange/Yellow color.


These are the bonus range that you can get on each effect, depending on your Item Rank.


But dont worry, if you drop an item with a low Rank it dosent mean its trash!
Simply re-roll your Item Rank at the NPC in Flaris and randomly generate a new one when ever you want.
This will cost you 1 Perin, and keep in mind the item rank dosent always increase, sometimes you can also get a lower rank and have to re-roll it again.


~ Good Luck!