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Some suggestions

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Here are a few suggestions

-Client sometimes crashes when leaving dungeons or ticket areas which would remove cheer 3/3 stacks , Please add a feature where it takes 5 minutes disconnected for the cheer stacks to disappear.

-Buff BP on 1v1 PvE , for a beginner with no items it took hours of grinding for a gear-less BP to get to 130, while it only took 2 hours for other classes from 1 to 130
most new players would start creating buffers for their first character and leveling RM and BP classes are difficult and could scare away new players.

-Buff psykeeper AOE damage, the damage is extremely weak, I cant 1hit  mobs level 70 and above while im level 130 with some decent equips, as a beginner the only way I had to farm was to farm at lower level mobs, but I was surprised how i still cant farm efficiently  mobs that are 50 levels below me  especially because the AOE size is too small.

-Add mounts

-I don't know if this was intended but I noticed that RM buffs last so short that I had to teleport back to flaris for buffs every 10 mins, it could have been ok for me if the tickets weren't so expensive then I could bring my buffers with me (dark tras),

-Have an option where we can hide cloak and mask

EDIT: If psykeepers are meant to 1v1 farm, decrease the cast time of spirit bombs, or increase its range

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You are here » Fame-War Official Forum » Suggestions » Some suggestions