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Bugged Rumble

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Kurzfassung : Buffpang geht nicht,
Man kommt nur raus mit nem ticket, es sollte evtl eine 2te möglichkeit geben ?
Klassen mit range können leute auf der platform töten macht die einfach nicht durchsichtig dann geht das glaube ich nicht.
Bps verlieren cast nach switch ? Siehe bild im discord von kappa oder kawaii ka wer das problem hatte
Manchmal spawnt man erst garnicht und ist schon tot, so ne sek spawnschutz um zumindest 2meter zu laufen wäre toll

30sek warte zeit ist zu lang macht 10-15 drauss

So das wars dann auch schon



Thank you for your bug report.
We are already aware of everything you said.
We will try to fix it this sunday.

Next time please post your report in english so other users can read it too, and no one double posts or gets confused.

Reducing the respawn time will drastically increase the score or rangers and eles, classes that make a high amount of dmg in short time.
We choose the 30 sec. Because then you have to watch out to not get killes to often as you wouldnt have enough time to score enough when you die too quickly.
If you think about it correctly you will agree with it.



when will rumble start all 2 hours automatical? like it was announced on the news?



After the fix, yes.
For now our gms can start it, just PM them and if enough people are there, or at our main times they should start one for you guys.

We will also have a buffpang inside the rumble, the attacking on the plattform should be fixed and we try to find out what causes the negative dct when swaping.
And a lot of new rewards will be available also.



Everything should work fine now.
Check the patchnotes of today.

@all bp players we still managing to find out what causes the cast time bug.
It might be your jewelry, try not to swap it and see if it works.


You are here » Fame-War Official Forum » Bug Report » Bugged Rumble