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Game Balancing :)

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I would suggest that Rema/Holy/Buffbreaker to remove :)
The following are the reason why BP's rule the siege
1) They switch and keep use rema when they are get hitted.
2) Holy when they got sleep or sneak they will just use Holy.

How can the other jobs win in the BP's in that way ?
1) Rema should remove or make it 50k-100k Regen.
2) Holy should remove too and Buff Breakers make the sneak and sleeps 3sec-5sec duration so they cant fight back and they will need a RM to debuffs them.

To make balance too in Dungeons ?

What is the role of RM/Seraph in this game ?
-Just to buffs ?
I think heal rain should be maximize :) they can spam Hunt w/o RM and thats too ridiculous to think.
Boss Dungeons should remove AOE Stun so RM can still Heal even w/o Rema ? Come to think of it all is useful in dungeons as well as in the Siege :)

To make all jobs useful make this and many 1v1 siegers will play like Rangers/Blade/BP's.

When BP's in STA ITEMS how can we kill them if they just keep spamming and spamming Rema think of it :)
I ask many 1v1 players before I posted this and they agree and I actually think I'm the voice of them :) WAHAHA

PS: Sorry for my English :D

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Wouldnt say remove but more like increase CD by like 1-2s
Same thing with holy scroll, probs like 0.5s cd or even lower cd but removing it and you get something like this : Arcan perma sleep/stun, psy perma root, knight perma sneak, even with rm they cant gurv in time. Can you imagine 4 arcan spamming eva without anything to get out of it? also if rm is stunned or silence then? xD
Buff breaker is good doe? why remove
Yes buff heal rain cause fking drakul fire aoe suck balls.
AOE stun ( well Holy scroll came to the rescue)
Ranger is already a thing - cancerous one at that, Blade- no one actually full invest in a pvp blade yet it i think? correct me if im wrong.
I have yet to see a rm in siege ( only been to one) hc + asal = ded or ranger + hc = ded and if you have a cd on holy, you cant remove hc all the time so you get a chance to rekt bp.
BP is strong yes but numbers > bp

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How can we kill a STA BP / STA HARLE if they just keep spamming REMA ? Its unfair to the players who's using a Normal hit .
Read what I said . Can you ? I said in my post to make the Sleep/Sneak 3sec-5sec duration :)
And also I said to remove AOE stuns for Dungeons boss -_-  so RM they can easily spam Heal Rain rather than spamming Rema :)
Thats why there is no Blade in Siege because of Rema :D How can they kill a FULL STA PLAYERS THAT SPAMMING REMA ?
So its better to make it 50k+ HP Regen :D to they will need RM in siege to DEBUFFS and to HEAL THEM :)



Tank said bp/YJ switch to damage gear, get rm in with hc, done. Again - no one bring rm to siege ( havent yet to see one). Bp asal is on a 30s CD and if you have the gear to tank the bp, they become useless for the next 30s unless 1v1 gear. In order to stop them ( buff breaker, wind field, get more speed, sleep, sneak etc..) and since its spammable you can stop them even for a brief moment. Ok you csn spam holy thats why add in a small cd and in those few second you'd habe enough speed to get to the bp and land at least 2 hit on. And by increasing cd of remantis by 1-2s or longer ( need to test first) it allow anyone to take damage without heal ( beside rhisis and prev) for 3-4s or longer etc...
Errr.... "make sleep/sneak 3-5s duration" u do realise that sleep is spammable right with 100% chance? Unless you mean make the cooldown of it 3-5s which then bring us to another problem of speed( cant hit people if they are too fast or out of range and if you increase sleep duration but then by how long? 3-5s? But if the bp is a solo player he can just make a rm and spam gurv on the bp so it make sleep useless again.)
And idk why AOE stun for boss is a bad thing except that it cause stun bug. That then become your main concern as you cant rebuff or damage etc..  when you get debuff by boss. Still agree on increasing heal for rm. If you want to remove aoe stun for this reason then sure i agree 100%.

Ok healing rm in siege and gurv. First is healing base off int or sta cause you want rm to be able to tank otherwise after soul of rhisis ur ded. And second of all healing? Srly? Heal how much? Have you seen people damage? Guarantee remove remantis and you see ranger full dex everywhere. Gurv, well i believe i stated this before but got ignored: what happen when the rm is stun/sleep/sneak etc ... who will save the team? The team with the first debuff and can spam the most win. If you really want to use Gurv then nerf all the crowd control and debuff skill so its not spamable, CD is longer than duration and yes then you can remove holy scroll. Cause duration > cd with 100% you have something call Permanent.

Have yet to see a blade dedicated to siege/ pvp yet - correct me if im wrong.

Ranger atk are auto if im not mistaken. - 1 shot atleast 200k hp full dex
Psy and arcan atk are not single hitter so cant burst High sta enemy but got the utility to do so.
YJ unless you are like full str you may or may not 1 shot people. Can probs 1 shot when pair with rm
Knight- sneak spam, hp, could potentially do damage to assist team
Rm- i seen a pvp rm and he hit 110k crit in rumble. A pvp rm.
Blade- seen a blade in rumble once, nowhere else.

Now unless you have fully build a blade to siege and you find it hard then ok, your class or other class need buff/nerf. I mean im currently build my arcan and me and other already seen it potentials - look at Lupin. Psy is a thing already with nice burst, debuff and can tank well. Ranger as stated before can hit rly hard full dex. YJ- im pretty sure you are refering to BoBo, he got tank gear and worked hard to perfect his gear. Knight- well its knight what you expect, they got reflect damage which can be annoying and unkillable with remantis ( why people dont complain about knight doe). Blade- cant say much since havent seen it. Rm is Rm and as stated before can do damage while tanking. Bp as stated before in last post can be overwhelmed by numbers and debuff.

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