IGN: lSerenadel

Age: 22 year of age

County: Philippines

Language: English and Tagalog

Time Online: 5 to 15 Hours Daily

Time Zone: (GMT+8:00)

I play Flyff since 2012 and I have also played many different private server over the past years.

About myself: Hello I am Kevin a very active, simple, friendly, helpful and cooperative player. I love to travel around the world and explore nature as long as I get the opportunity to do so. Besides, I love interacting with people and making new friends as I go along. Being able to hang around with friends and have a good laugh is something I always enjoy after a long day of hard work.

(good in working in a team.)
-I do love working in a team because I find working in a team is more effective and efficient compared to working alone.

(if someone begs, you know how to warn them and point out the rules.)
-Yes, I can be strict when it comes to circumstances calling for it. Rules are stated there for a reason. If they want something they need to work for it.

(reason to be a Game Master on this server.)
-The main reason is so I could learn and gain experience and knowledge on becoming a GM and help the community to bloom. I enjoy helping people enhancing their gaming experience by answering their questions and guiding them in the right direction as well as hosting new and different events.

(express about myself.)
-I believe that being a GM is an authority that should not be taken lightly. A GM should serve the community and not themselves. This is what I plan to do if I become a Game Master. Lastly, I hope that the best applicant will get the position and help improve the server better than ever.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application.