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Applying for a spot

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Disclaimer: First time writing one plz dont judge :v

IGN: Misaka ( pres 10 arcanist)
        Tsundere ( templar)
        Sera ( Seraph)
        - and a bunch of future class yet to be made

Nationality: Vietnamese - can speak Vietnamese and English fluently ( can somewhat understand japanese but not fluently soooo)

Timezone: Sydney time zone ( Australia)

Availablity: well at least 3-5h i would say and occasionly when nothing on at Uni can get up to 15h ( need time to cook and stuff)

Experiences: first time applying for a spot in staff. Played a fair few pserver such as ( cw/equinox flyff, insanity, flyff for sky, magma, battle flyff, crimson flyff ) including official on Demian :> pk rule.

Interests and hobbies: I got a range of thing to start a conversation either about sports, anime, manga, movies, tv show, games, or anything at all.

Dislike: being lied to or being annoyed ( i am very tolerance but a man got his limit).

Why I want a spot?: well i wanted to try something new i guess. In all the previous server i play mainly equinox and battle flyff without the gm/supporter title i would try to host my own events with
my own funding ofc and try to help out people as much as possible. I imagine the position im applying for is gonna be pretty much the same but with a title on top and get alot more recognition than
a player made event/support. I dont really care for the gm token thing (the reward are meh ) so you dont have to worry about trustworthy and whatnot (always give out the GM token i won
from other gm event lel) plus the gm previlege wont really offer me anything else that i dont already have except full server shout in everyone face + event buffs.

Am i good in a team?: well i try my best to fit in with people and i think being part of a team here will benefit me irl as well since it will probs gimme some experiences.

If someone ask for stuff?: if they are nice about it and dont go around begging ill probs log on my game char ( not the gm one ofc) and see if i can help. Otherwise i would kindly refuse and state why i cant do that.

Thank you for reading and hope to hear a reply. :>



You are hired, please PM me with ur skype name so i can add u in the skype group of our staff.



Pmed. :D



Welcome misaka! MATE!



Thxie mang :D


You are here » Fame-War Official Forum » Applications » Applying for a spot