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A little suggestion

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Make monster clash avaible every 12 hours (If this happens, increase the exchange rate of lucifers to 150/175/200k instead of 100k).

In rumble, make the spawns NOT on the pang. Some people go afk on the pang and it is very annoying to try to get buffs.

Make Q amps more accesible for people who don't donate. IDK maybe Rumble for a decent ammount. Rock paper scissors are random so it is way too hard to win one of those amps.
With the Q amps, people will try to level more and have a motivations instead of just hunting the normal Aminus. And Rumble will get more people.

Talking about Rock paper scissors, make a list on the rewards on it. 

Everybody on Siege (Who kills and stuff) gets a little bit of RC.

Make the vaccuum cards give EXP (little bit) instead of FP and earthquake melee/range block.

Make invasions!, or let gm summon some monsters since a lot of hunters gets online at my time and just walks around the town.

Later on i'll post more

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Nerf and buff classes,, hopefully soon.
Add in more info on wiki such as info about clash. I didnt realise clash give penya till rexal told me about it( soul stone as well). Add in a exchange option for reaper as well?
Add in info about bosses and dungeon on forum wiki likeboss hp, how hard he hit, does debuff and shiz so when people browsing, the first thing they look for is how the dungeon etc... are like and how hard the boss are.
Yes make Q amp accessibility easier or decrease prestige exp. People are really unmotivated to lv since its such a grind without qamp, P amp u need rc ( and who siege with shit gear), exp med only last limited time. This make you have to donate if you want to prestige or buy dp from other player and this turn down alot of players.
Keep the legendary pet exchange in but now increase it to like 50-75-100k dungeon token or something.



The reward list for RPS is coming. We just have to wait for that until then.  :D



I agree on Amp Q.
check my topic i added about amp Q


You are here » Fame-War Official Forum » Suggestions » A little suggestion