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Money Making guide for new Players

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Okay, We will K.I.S.S (Keep it Short & Simple)

1.) Make Ele for farming
2.) Make your Way to 110-M
3.) Have atleast 105 set+3 with 4/4 LC 4% with decent staff (PM Antiope for a Vampire Staff) (*note: If there's a stock, will provide.)
4.) Buy Upcut, Velo, Mp Ref, Activision.

then you're good to go. Farming area is Mammoth Azria

*note; Always have a party with skills for better damage.

If you can 2hitskill mammoth, you'll make 200m/hr with the sellable loots.



My 1 hit elem used to make around 3p an hour for 2 hits now it does around 4-5 for one. Depends on how much you can focus on that hour.



Here something extra: sell stone ( no one gonna buy it but used to)
Make a knight doesnt have to be fully gear, try for 250-300khp.
Level ele to 150 and put wind elemnt on staff
Do clash with knight tank and ele hit ( you can hnr)
10-12p for 20-30 min of work, more if u under gear. Use windfield.
Use 75 set since it give more dct so you can concentrate on int.
If you cant 1 shot, this is how i do it, you dont have to: put all the dual element skil on your f-key and use that to gather since they got a massive aoe. Collect, wf, rinse repeat. Fast than double wf and easier spawn control.
Do one section at a time instead of running all over the place. I see people do this alot and it decrease your farming time.the spawn distribution overall will be the same so if the spawn start getting small THEN u switch place.
Save money for roika and a lv 125/130 set ele or 120 for cheap. 130 set i like cause it give you some decent tank while remajn full int plus extra speed. 125 for pure damage and 120 is mixed. You can still use 75 set at this point but your priority is roika. This point is basicly farming in shankia and if u dont have decent gear, dont bother.a full action slot shud kill the mob otherwise it will slow down the process. Us dual elemrnt like before and eva at a distance from the mob. NEVER stop next to the mob then start evaing, guarantee death if not enough block and hp. A distance of like 2-3 mob ahud be ok depend on how fast you are and the mob.


You are here » Fame-War Official Forum » Farming » Money Making guide for new Players