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Applying For STAFF

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Hello Im here to talk about me and my knowledge about being a Gm! and yes this is my application for

My name is Rickard and live in Philipinnes! im 22 yrs old and got a daughter that is 3 yrs old soon
I do alot on my free time but 90% of it is playing games ^^ I dosnt sleep much because got sleep issues so i playing games like 15-18hrs a day

Well now i will come to more straight forward questions and answers!

Name: Rickard
Ingame Name: Mirsha
Age: 22
Country: Philipinnes
Language: Philipinnes and English
Free Time: Playing games! Meet my daughter when im able to because she's lives 35miles away from me! Other wise im with friends!


Been Gm before: Yes been gm on plently of server but at the moment i just remember 2 of them! one is Demon Flyff that was one of top1 server back in the days! Other server was Radical Flyff! been gm there for couple of weeks after that my Pc broke and didnt have money for a new one! (Dont have to belive me about this things! Atleast i know what i have done) :)
Start playFlyff: i start play flyff in early v6 and stop playing Eflyff at v12! When v13 got release i made my own server that had 50-100 active players! Ended that because of Money issues! (so you dont ask! i lost all my knowledge about coding because of personal Stuff)
What can i bring to Vendetta Flyff?: Well all i can say i can bring my happyness and my gm knowledge, Will do event's and keep the players busy when they got nothing to do, because it will always come to a stage where the players dont have nothing to do because they already max out of everything
If you got any question! feel free to ask in discord (MrDo0) or ingame (TonyFowLer) im most of the time always active!

Take care //Mirsha



Nice we support you wahahahaha


You are here » Fame-War Official Forum » Applications » Applying For STAFF