To pay our Monthly Server fee, Development costs and hosting costs.
We decided to make a VIP Membership System instead of adding overpowered Donate Weapons, Cards and Sets which would make the game Pay2Win.

You can purchase the VIP Membership on our Donate Shop for 7, 15 and 30 Days.
We also have single Day VIP Memberships which we give out in Events or for reaching Prestige Level 1.

So here is the list of the VIP Effects:

- EXP +50%
- Drop + 20%
- Penya Rate +30%
- Dungeon Cooldown 1/2
- Collector Speed x2
- Yellow Shout Color
- Golden Name Color
- Pet EXP +50%
- Party Skill duration x2
- Increased Drop +1
- Automatic Buff after Death
- Automatic Item Pickup