On Fame War we developed a brand new Prestige Level System to make leveling more interesting and entertaining.
As reaching the Max Level is fairly easy on our Server, we created this System.
After reaching Lv150 99.99% you can buy the Prestige Level Up scroll at the NPC in Flaris and after using it you will get a brand new Reward, and your Level will be 60 again and you can Level Up to 150 to get another great Reward.
The EXP decreases the higher your Prestige Level gets but the Rewards get a lot better!
You also get different Prestige Level Icons on certain Prestige Levels.

These are the Prestige Rewards:

Lv 1 - VIP Membership 1 Day
Lv 2 - Upgrade Scroll Box 10x
Lv 3 - Skandria Ticket 1 Day
Lv 4 - Dragon Cloak Box
Lv 5 - Skandria 7 Days
Lv 6 - Lucky Box of (10%) Cards
Lv 7 - Lucky Box of (S) Cards
Lv 8 - Cloak of FAME
Lv 9 - Prestige Jewelry Set
Lv 10 - Medal of Prestige (Legendary Pet Buur)