Hi all,

so far the server seems pretty cool ... but some topics i like to mention:

1. How about making 1 Day Tickets such for Azria, Traseia and Dark Traseia avaiable in the Consumable store?
    7 Day Tickets are a waste of money in my opinion  and leveling the Char with leech in Tower makes no Fun = 1 Red and u have to come back + Less Exp

2. When I logged in the first day = My first thought after 5 mins.. wow no shouts this Server must be dead right now  :tired: 
    10 or 15 M? dont remember xD for 15Day FS is a bit to much... Like in the beginning of making ur char ( Weaps upgrading , Awks, Piercings, Set + etc )   u dont have
    the money for that ... I bought FS 15 after 3 days cuz i focused on more important things... And reducing the prices of FS will help People who just started and missing
    1 or 2 Pieces of their Set or missing Weapons :P

   Maybe 5M for the FullShout? This might help not scaring People away just after logging into the server :P

Greetz  :shine: