we launched a bonus event for you guys, where you can get up to 50% more donate points and vote points.
we also have paysafecard and amazon giftcard availble now!
(amazon will be processed faster than paysafe.)

from 21st to 23rd july only.

donate point bonus:

10 - 300 dps +10% bonus now 330 dps
20 - 600 dps +20% bonus now 720 dps
25 - 800 dps +25% bonus now 1.000 dps
50 - 1700 dps +30% bonus now 2.210 dps
100 - 3500 dps +50% bonus now 5.250 dps

every vote gives you 150 vote points.

black friday sale only on 21st july:

- ultra medicine box before 90 dps now only 69 dps
- ultra medicine box before 350 vps now only 295 vps


- prestige exp event 2x exp for one week.
- added new items to the guild siege shop and lowered the red chip prices for (r) amps by half.
- added a new box of power balloons to the vote shop npc.
- fixed knight and templar skills to be used with one hand weapons
- fixed a bug with pet awakes
- enabled aggro system for crystal meteonyker and lucifer. templars need to use their skills to pull aggro on them
- increased mover speed of boss monsters to avoid running tank.
- made it easier to get user titles, for example just need to kill 1000 aibatts insteas of 15000 for aibatt hunter title.
check out our title tracker on the title window
- increased time of seraph heal it lasts 2 mins now and heals 10k hp every 3 sec.
- lowered damage, hp and block of worldboss monsters.
- lowered dmg and hp of alpha cw in arena and increased rate of premium items of it.
- changed set effect of templar 125 set a little bit.
-gm event buff have new stats now, they give exp and up to 20%, all stat and speed +10% and hp atk def +5% and penya rate +3%
- increased stats of the vote buff and it also gives +3% penya and lets you see the hp of monsters.
- we can now also make 100% exp & events. every time when we break a new aerver peak we will host the 100% rates event for 1 hour.