Since allot of people in-game are asking me how to vote and how to get these vote points a quick tutorial.

You can Vote with your PC (Wifi Connection) and your Phone (3G/LTE Networkt) both!

10 steps on how to get vote points.

(1)Firstly you go to the website and you log into your account.
a screen should show on the left side (Account managment,Ticketsystem,Frequently Asked Questions, Logout.) underneath Logout there's an option VOTE on Gtop 100.
(2)Click on Vote on Gtop 100.  (3)Click on Vote now! you will be directed to an other website.
(4)you will be directed to their website ( Press on verify) you need to complete the capatcha successfully to be able to get your vote points.
(5)once you successfully completed the capatcha, press on the big red button (VOTE FOR FAME WAR >UNIQUE MID RATE PVP & FARM SERVER <)
(6)go back to the website logout and log back in, or refresh the page. Go to the premium shop press on vote and then on vote tokens.
(7)Underneath the Item Shop should show your current DP/VP ballence.

(8) Click on the vote tokens and select the char you want to send them too, press Purchase.

(9) Login to your account and go on to your char. Check your inventory if you got the vote tokens.

(10) Walk to the Vote Shop, you can find the Vote Shop in Central Flaris near all the other Npc/Bank. Purchase your Amps/Items and enjoy.