These are the Rewards that you get with each level.
The Rewards repeat if you go Master or do a Prestige Level Up.

Lv15 - Pikachu Statted Buffpet
Lv30 - Coral Island Ticket 1 Day
Lv60 - Azria Ticket 1 Day
Lv60 - Random Guardian Weapon Box
Lv75 - Random Historic Weapon Box
Lv90 - Random Angel Weapon Box
Lv105 - Random Legendary Golden Weapon Box
Lv110 - Traseia Ticket 1 Day
Lv122 - Dark Traseia Ticket 1 Day
Lv125 - Egg (The raised Pet wont be Tradeable)
Lv145 - Dark Traseia Ticket 1 Day

For the Prestige Level Rewards check our Prestige Threard here on the Wiki Section.