These are the Patchnotes of Today, July 30th.

- Brand NEW Bonus Event, the Drop rate increases now with the player peak, the more people logged in the higher the droprate will go. you can reach up to 50% more drop rate for all players!

- Lowered DMG of End Game Bosses in Dungeons, a little bit.
Make sure to have Element+20 to tank those with a decent templar!

- Added a new dungeon in Saint Morning, the Ivillis dungeon is now an instance for Lv60 Characters non-master.
there you can farm the best weapons for the lv60 Siege which is every Sunday with great rewards.
The Mid Bosses look like Giant Risem they must be killed in order to spawn the Boss.
The Other Mid Bosses drop high amount of Penya.
Watch out, monsters can respawn!
Check the teleporter for more Infos on the Dungeon. (Hotkey V)

- Rainbowrace got brand new rewards, you can win Boxes that can contain (A), (S), 7% and 10% Cards and many more usefull Items like Upgrade scrolls etc.
Also the application costs raised to 10mil.
The 1st place will get 70% of all application money, the 2nd gets 20%, 3rd place will get 10%.
Thats your chance to win a high amount of penya, if more people participate!
Rainbow race application time starts every wednesday 12:00 to 15:30. The Race starts 16:30, and you have 90 minutes time to finish it.
See the forums for more Informations, soon.

- Crystal and Evil Beads lasts 3 Days now, instead of just 1. They drop from Lucifer in Monster Clash (Evil Beads) and from the Crystal Meteonyker (Crystal Beads)

- Fixed shiny Bow attributes.

- Auto Target (Options) works perfectly fine now.
For example if you aoe, and a monster dies off, it switches automatically to the next target which is attacking you.
it does not switch to another target if its not attacking you, to prevent afk farming.