we apologize for the longer downtime with this maintenance, we had a few bugs which we fixed to make the game more enjoyable for you guys.

besides the fixes we also made a few changes here:

- increased collecting rate for scroll of holy by 150%
- added scroll of holy to the red chip npc
- added more items to the red chip npc
- the fwc sets which can be purchased at the red chip npc, give new stats and set effects now.
(hold [ctrl] and hover over the items to see the set effect)
- world bosses will boxes to everyone that does a certain amount of damage to them, those boxes can include s or 10% cards
- the reward boxes from rainbow race can also include s or 10% card boxes. rainbow race starts every wednesday 16:30 the application is from wed. 12:00 to 14:30 (server time)
- nerfed aether grasp skill.
- removed -20% magic defense debuff from windfield.
- lowered the duration time of debuffs which makes players unable to move, like sneaker, sleeping, satanology, etc...
- lowered all damage of endgame bosses, also lowered the hp refeed on them and the rage mode starts at 2-3% of their remaining hp instead of 10% like before.
always make sure to have a +20 element suit!
- added buff breaker to the collector field.
- added zem shield and book to kheldor drops
- behemoth weapons at the exchange vendor now show correct item effects
- increased the rate of lv60 gw weapons and lowered the sm dungeon cooldown to only 180 minutes.
- changed the effect of ivillis shield, it adds more hp and def now.
- clockworks drops new jewelry now.
- increased jewelry droprate of aminus and aminus hero