We made a little Change to the Rainbow Race Game.
We have brand new Rewards to make it a little more fun to play!

Here is the Main Rainbow Race Informations:

- Start for the Applications every Wednesday from 12:00 to 15:00, Start at 16:30.  (GMT+2)
- The Application costs 10mil. Penya
- You have 90 Min. to Finish the whole Rainbow Race, 10 Mins. to prepare for the Start.
- Apply/Start/Finish at the NPC in Darkon City
The first 3 Players that finish the Race first will get a Penya Reward.

- 1st Place 70% of the whole Application Penya from all Players.
- 2nd Place 20% of the whole Application Penya.
- 3rd Place 10% of the whole Application Penya.

The more People join the Race, the more money you can Win!!

But the best thing is, everyone that finishes the Rainbow Race with enough Games won, will get a Rainbow Box Reward!

The Rainbow Box can Include:
- Box of S Cards
- Box of 10% Cards
- Q Amps 1 Day
- Scroll of Fortune
- Pikachu Statted Buffpet
- Various Power Ups
- Many Remantis and Holys
- PSF Scroll
- Fullshout
- Friendship A & B
- Tickets
- And other Premium Scrolls

Win 5 Games - Get 1 Rainbow Box
Win 6 Games - Get 2 Rainbow Boxes
Win 7 Games - Get 3 Rainbow Boxes

You find more Informations on the Race in general on the official Flyff Wiki and the Rainbow Race NPC in Darkon City.
(Keep in mind our Reward System is different than the ones shown at the link for the official Flyff Rainbow Race)