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GM / Supporter application

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Heya! I'm Wingall. I live in Finland so english isn't my first language but I'd say that my english is pretty fluent.

I have played flyff ever since I was a kid. Played eFlyff for a long while before I quit and started server hopping on private servers. Eventually I ended up making my own server for a while. Just to goof around with some close friends. It was an absolute blast. (Total flyff experience ~10 years) Also been an admin in a gaming community for a year before I got too busy. I just really enjoy helping people and doing what I can to make the server grow.
Ever since I startedplaying this server (about 10 days now) I have been online daily, pretty much all day.

I suppose I'll leave my email here like the others but I can be found ingame on Wingall / Sumigane / Yuekami .
Email: wingall@hotmail.com

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Very nice Application, thanks a lot!
We will pick our new staff Members soon and let you know about it.



Welcome in our Staff Team


You are here » Fame-War Official Forum » Applications » GM / Supporter application