Dear Staff and members,

I really like this server and I wanted to share my suggestions with you guys.

1) There are no Block Rings, they now give +Penya (the ones from CW)
-> Can you maybe add them to the game?
-> Especially when Rangers hit you like within 1sec, it would be great to have the opportunity to have more Meele Block (usefull against every 1o1 class)

2) I dont know if this is a good idea but maybe remove "soullinked" weapons
-> People would sell items more often and maybe swap their equipment with others
-> The market would take advantage of it and therefore it wouldn´t be this hard to find equipment (Many people shout for like 2 weeks or more to find a single item)

3) Maybe change the price of powerups
-> If you have something to activate you get a better feeling, it´s hard to describe but you have to pay for everything

4) Buffpets/Beads
-> Beads lasts like 3 days, even if you weren´t online
-> If you can change it to "online time" they would last so much longer, so you dont have to pay 100mio+ every 3 days

5) Restat Scrolls
-> May you add "full restat" to the Npc? Its so expensive to change your stats (when you use like Sta/Int at the same time)
-> For Pvp it would be nice to not have like anxiety because you cant afford to restat your skillpoints

Thanks for reading


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