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Read this before writing an Application! (Important Information)

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We currently need 1-2x Forum Moderators, 2-3x Supporters, 1x GM.

If you want to apply for a Position in our Staff Team, there is a few things you should need to know!

First of a decide what kind of Staff Position would suit you best.
Obviously you should Speak fluent english!
And know how to act and behave in a Professional way!
And the main reason for your Application is to help the Server.
No payment or Items what so ever, will be given to Staff Members!
GMs can not create Items or do anything that can give other players an Advantage.
They can only send out Event Tokens (All Event Tokens are listed in a Log in case of any corruption)
Beeing inactive for longer periods without giving Informations to the Admin Team will make you lose your Position in our Staff.

Read this carefully now and make sure that you will 100% fulfill the Requirements which are mentioned below!
If not - Do not apply and dont even dare to write a fake Application or lie, you will get kicked from the Team immediately!

Forum Moderator
- Taking care of the Forums, eliminate Spam Posts, Close old Threads or Threads where Issues have been solved.
- Host Forum Events like Screenshot of the Week and more.
- Report severe issues directly to the Head Staff GMs/Admins.
- Help us to add more Information Threads to our Forum Wiki
- You should spend at least 2-3hrs a Day on the Forums.
- Creating Guides, Wiki's, Supporting etc.
- Help us to setup Forum Rules, Ingame and Staff Rules.

Supporter InGame
- You will be there to Shout usefull Informations in the General Chat, like Vote Reminders, Wiki & FAQ Check, Siege and Clash Reminders, And the most important thing is to ask if Players need any kind of Help and answer their Questions
- Also you should not neglect your Job just because you dont have the same Authority/Commands as GMs, you are still a part of our Staff and help us a lot to make the Server run flawless!
- You will have a Special Shout Colour and Font so Users can see shouts of Supporters very well.
You will also be Invited to our Official Staff Guild so everyone will wee you are a part of our Staff Team.
- You should be able to Spent at least 3-4 Hours Daily for Supporting.
- (No Commands will be given to Supporters)
- If you do your Job well and you think you can manage it to be GM, you might have the chance to get promoted too.

Game Master
- As a Game Master you should be active the most!
And also be very stress resistant.
Listening to all the Players Suggestions, Hosting Ingame Events, Managing the Comminity, Supporting Ingame for Questions and even Moderating the Forums and Managing the Discord chat, will all be a part of your Job!
So decide wiseley if you really want to become a GM, if you have that endurance and love of the Job to do that.
- As a GM you should be active at least 5hrs a day meaning 5hrs beeing 100% active, not Semi-AFK or 3/5hrs active no.
Preferably 6-7hrs.
- Every GM will start as a Supporter (see above) for their first few days, this helps us to see how you behave as a Supporter and how you active you really are!



Good day everyone,

I am very interested in applying for the Game Master position. I'm from the Philippines and Online everyday 8 to 12 hrs sometimes from morning to evening.
I'am one of the Game Master too in other previous Private Server "Pride Flyff" doing events like Hide and Seek, Scrabble letters, Fast type, Bring me, and many more events.
Giving rewards according to Game Owner.

And played dozen of Private Server since 2010



You are here » Fame-War Official Forum » Applications » Read this before writing an Application! (Important Information)