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GM/Supporter Application by HadesX

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- Name: Martin

- In-Game main character + level: HadesX (Ranger, Lvl 61) XD

- Birth Date (Month+Year): January 9, 1998

- Location (Country) + Timezone: Philippines - GMT + 8

- Eduction (Current) : I'm on 3rd year college now and taking up Business Administration so I'm good in Planning, Leading, Organizing, and Controlling xD

- About me: Hmm, hi. My name is Martin from Philippines who loves to play FlyFF. I spent most of my LIFE playing FlyFF (playing since i was a kid), I am a quick learner, cooperative and willing to help the server to grow and anything for this server

- Estimated online hours (Per day): I play FlyFF for like 6~12 hrs a day xD

- Previous Experience (Servername + Staff Time): None, but I hope this is my first xD

- Languages I speak: Fluent in Filipino and English

- What I can offer to the community?: I will host some event which will make the community more lively and have fun. I can also help people or guide them in the game since I'm playing FlyFF for like 11 years

- What is the reason I choose to apply?: I really love to play this game, and I want to improve it more and help the people who are new and etc

- Which events I would host?: I can do events such as Fast Hands, Hide & Seek, Run & Sit, Jump & Sit, Q&A, Bring Me and ETC (more soon xD)

- Will I handle everyone as equal?: Yes. I'll treat all player here as my friends

- Why should you pick me?: You should pick me because I really want to be part of this server and as a FUTURE GM/Staff in this server, I will make everyone happy and enjoy the game more  :D

-My Email (Official): johnmartintan9@gmail.com

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Sad, no reply :(



Since how long u've been playing fame war?



I've been playing fame war since the day I posted this, but I will be more active in-game if I you chose me as supporter :)
I always have mic just incase we have meeting xD



Thanks a lot for taking ur time to apply for our staff Position.
But with only 2 weeks of experience and a lv 61+ char, we highly doubt you are experienced enough to give people good advice and answer their Questions ingame.

We still hope you enjoy fame war and our forums.


You are here » Fame-War Official Forum » Applications » GM/Supporter Application by HadesX