1. Change Flask of the Magician to be more useful coz Casters got way too much DCT and the int is the only thing useful for the current stat of that flask.
Stat Suggestion:
Potent Flask of the Magician:
Speed +10%
Increased Atk +10%
Int +10

Unstable Flask of the Magician:
Speed 15%
Increased Atk +15%
Int +15

2. Add Hp to Adept's Mental Necklace.

3. Change the 2nd Stat of Adept's Ring to ATK% instead of DCT%.

4. Change Dracul Orb's DCT to ATK% and make int +15. The current stats wont really add that much damage compared to lucifer or kheldor orb.

5. Change Iron Mask of the Wise Dragon to +10 Allstat 10% HP coz its better to buy the Fucat Mask on npc than this mask.

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