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Applying for the Support position

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Good day Fame-War! :D

My name is Kit Jerome Bontia, 23/M/Filipino

"Why am I applying for the Support Position?"

I am applying for the said position because I love and look forward to becoming a member of the Fame-war Staff Family as much as I love FLYFF. :D

I've been playing flyff for quite couple of years now since I started playing it while I was still in grade school.. and now i'm about to graduate my course in college. (I'm at my senior year now :D) so I can say i have quite a few knowledge about this game that I can share to the community effectively by being a Supporter.

I've played lots of MMORPGs already but it is only flyff I always go back to. Flyff never goes out of taste for me even if there's these new games with better graphics and gameplays.

And lastly , Unique shout color for the support position sounds rad :D (realtalk)



Since how long have u been playing fame war?

How many hours can you spent actively on fame war/supporting?



I've been playing fame-war for over a month now and ever since, I played at my spare-time on a regular basis.

I can allocate 3-4hrs/day supporting Fame-war and answering to player's queries.

If you'll consider me. I would really like to support Fame-war with all that I can do.



Nice. Please send me a PM with your skype name, so we can discuss the next steps.
You can be our new supporter!



pm sent!


You are here » Fame-War Official Forum » Applications » Applying for the Support position