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I really hate to keep making threads lol but since nobody else bothers to bring it up I guess I will

1, Please let players be able to get remantis elsewhere as you only collect 1/2 remantis per hour per collector (And this is currently the only way to get them ingame, except aminus boxes) No remantis = No dungeons. No dungeons = No gear.  No gear = ???

2, In vampire dungeon the bosses ROOT skill Freezes your character and you cannot move or react for about the 10 second root duration (Normal root is only supposed to stop you from moving, this root you cant move, attack or do anything similar to psykeeper's hero skill. This is aids as all dungeon bosses with root probably have the same effect and in addition to all the stuns/silences etc it is extremely cancer to have this feature as well, i really hope it was not intended.

3, Something was mentioned about getting more money at higher levels; This is not the case, Dark trasea mobs drop the same amount of penya and you actually make alot less penya in dark trasea because you drop little to no green/blues to npc for penya

4, Prestige is still busted, It seems like It was not changed at all. After you rebirth you cannot wear your items again until the required level (If you are using 105 gear you have to level up naked until you get to 105 to equip your gear)

It is extremely slow, just at the first one you get around 2% per mob at lvl 100 with [Amps,Full playtime bonus,guild exp buff, lord exp event] And this is just the first Prestige
It also seems like yo start off as non Master and have to do the whole Master route again during that Prestige (have to confirm)

5, Every admin keeps saying that blessing of the wiseman increases drop +1 (This is false, it does not work you should probably test it on a normal char)

6, Couple exp is still busted. lvl 1 - 3 takes like 5/6 hours and after that you get one level every 20 minutes


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#moved to suggestions

1 - You get Remantis for Dungeon Tokens now. And we made a 100k HP pill which has 3 sec cooldown, in addition to the 10k HP food and high amount of Heal that a Full INT RM can do in Action Slot.

2 - Ill check the rooting of the Vamp dungeon, this shouldnt be like that. Did u try scroll of holy?

3 - No one said u get more money at higher levels sorry. You get more money once u get the prestige Jewelry Set.
The penya just doesnt vary that much once you kill higher monsters.
For example Azria Mobs can drop between 110k - 160k and dark traseia mobs can drop between 135k - 160k (Just as an example, i needa check the correct numbers. But you get what i mean)
so actually the penya increase a little, by not varying that much. And you still Drop normal Weapon in Traseia/Dark Tras which u can sell for 1-2mil at the NPC, the Set Drops wont give much penya if u sell those to the NPC anyways.
If you prefer to farm for Set Parts then use the EXP Stop in our Options and farm in Azria or where ever you prefer.

4 - Prestige EXP should be totally fine now, our previous EXP rate was 100x (Normal Levels) and now its 350x and the 1st Prestige Level EXP rate is equal to 90x. So not that hard in comparison to what it was before.
I dont see the issue in not wearing your OP high level gear when ur back at Level 60 once u do prestige.
Whats the point of the whole leveling thing if you can simply 1 hit Mobs that are 20 levels above you, just because you wear your OP lv150 gear? Then its just pointless.
If you spent some time in making a little bit of decent Gear, like a lv 75 Set +8 or something then leveling should be okay.
If you need more EXP get +50% Playtime EXP, a Lv1 Leecher, Full Party, and 5 Amps or 5 R Amps. But as i said, the prestige EXP is at 90x on Lv1 and before we had 100x EXP at the normal Levels, so i cant really believe that you say its "busted" lol.

5 - It does increase the Drop, it does not display +1 Drop like other Buffs do, for example Heap Up shows +40 stamina.  That is due to the other effect of the RM master skill, which is basically to remove all debuffs and there is no attribute to show that type of effect.
Just like Holy Cross doesnt show 2x Damage, it just displays the skill and skill text.
You can trust me it increases Drop i tested it on my own, a couple times and it definitely works.
(Check the Wiki thread on Increase Drop attribute, so u know how it actually works - its not like giftbox/luckybox!)

6 - The Couple Level is supposed to bring you to max level within 1-2 Days. We dont see the point in letting you wait like 2-3 weeks for the same end result.
actually it doesnt matter if one level goes faster or not, the thing that counts is Maximum Couple Level, no one else cares about the other 20 levels and how fast they go up.
Everyone aims for Lv21 and it should take 1-2 days as i already mentioned and this is what really counts, doesnt matter how fast a certain level is.

I dont think thats its neccesary to bring up every little thing that sounds odd, its like discussing about why the normal Refreshers cost 318 Penya and only fillup 250 MP as it should be 379 MP for that price.
We should really focus on the main things, which you brought up on your first points here.

I really appreciate your help and i will take care of it.



Missed out some stuff

::::Ancient of the Woods are Untargetable because they have a ridiculously small hit box, You can only kill with AOE, and the mobs 1 shot everyone

::::Its worth double checking pet exp, very very slow.

-About the root, i dont think you could use holy scrolls, but even if you could normally you dont have to for root. Also the boss cant attack you either during that time.

-The blessing, it showed the skill effects as it was before so i was not sure, So for the 10 second duration you get drop +1 right?

-About the Prestige a guild mate of mine has done it and he said it was Absolutely not worth it, you can check who it is from the Rankings and discuss it with him I guess

I'm not really choosing to talk about every little problem, the first few are the things that stunt gameplay and the other points is just to confirm if they is intentional or not.

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Prestige starts getting worth it when u reach lv 5 and above as u get more and more usefull items.
I wil post a list up here asap.

Blessing definitely increases drop. It just doesnt show it in the text, i will change the skill description with the net patch.
And i will also remove the rooting.

Whats the Problem with pet exp? Any suggestions for it, how it should be?
Imho u can easily get 2 pets on S level when u level up a char from 1 to 150 just aside you while leveling.
And if u do prestige levels u will raise pets easily too.
If u find it low, vip gives 1.5x pet exp and theres a pet medicine that gives 50% more pet exp for ab hour.
Might sound a little bit too much donate to you, but i guess those things are better than having op donor weaps and sets, like other servers, isnt it?

Sorry to ask that but what monster you mean by ancient of the woods? The world boss?



The world bosses that spawn in Flaris and Saint Morning yes.

The text description is also sometimes incorrect. Sometimes it says something like (Flaris Guardian has spawned in west saint morning) lol

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