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New to the server, some questions

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Hello, Im new to the server. Here are a few questions I want to ask you guys.

1.  Is having both RM and forcemaster as buffers necessary? or can I get away with only an RM? If possible, may I know the buff effects I will miss out if ever I will go with only an RM?
2. Best all around class which can both farm well , pvp and do dungeons?
3. Im thinking of creating a 1v1 knight , will this plan work well?

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1. Yes you can have them both
2. Arcanest & Mentalist
3. Its up to you :)



how about the forcemaster buff effects may I know them?  thanks for the answer , still thinking about my class choice though, what are the pros and cons of mentalist or arcanist?



Welcome to fame war!

Please read the FAQ on our Website and Check the Game Informations (WIKI) here on forums, you will find a lot of answers and help there.

Here is a list of all skills:

Modified Skill Effects (Custom Skills)

Set and Weapon infos etc. All on our Wiki and Item Wiki ingame


You are here » Fame-War Official Forum » Introductions » New to the server, some questions