Farm Events:

- We started a 3x Sun and Moon Drop Event for this Weekend.

- And our next weekend event will be the Mocomochi Invasion,
Mocomochis will Spawn Randomly over a whole continent on this Weekend, you will get an announcement once they spawned!
Mocomochis can drop brand new Stuff like Ginger Bread, Xmas Cake, Couple Rings, Custom Cs Pets, Model Change Scrolls, Upgrade Scrolls, (R) Amplis, Drop Scroll High and Low, Card Boxes, and a ton of more usefull Items!

- We also added Perfect Pet Hatchers to the Dungeon Token NPC
And added the Madrigals Legacy Box which guranteed will include 1 of 3 Legendary Pets, for the next 2 Weeks!


- Added Uriel Noodle and Pumpkin Soup to the Collector Field (with adjusted Effects and Duration)
- Added 7 different colored Chocobo Custom CS Pets from chinese flyff to the collector field Token NPC for 12k Collector chips.
- Fixed alpha cw buff
- changed Razgul buff a little bit, now it gives life steal (blood suck)
- Also changed Razgul orb, it also gives +5% life steal now.
- The necklace from the Dungeon Token shop has +1% life steal aswell now.
- Also added Lucifer Weapon Exchange to the Token NPC, you can exchange 9999 Soul Tokens for a lucifer weapon.
Those tokens drop from All monsters in Monster Clash and you can also drop them in Tower B6 (Clash Farm area)
- Monsters in Tower b6 (Clash Winners Farm Area) drop Ultimate Weapons now (G/H/A/LG)
- Fixed the Appearance of the Legendary Pets.
- The 4% to 7% card exchange menu is back in flaris.
- Added a brand new NPC menu at Luda, where beginner chips can be exchanged for usefull starter Items.
(Beginner Chips drop from all Monsters lv5~65)

- Lowered Crucio from 100% Reflect to 50% Reflect
- Slightly increases hop (penya strike) damage.
- Ranger skill nature gives 7% pvm dmg now.
- Cats reflext has 10% melee and 5% range block now.